Every project is tailored to your specific vision coupled with unique expertise and experience to produce the best results possible. Not because we’re a business, but because we’re an organization on a mission and within that mission statement is the key component to every company’s success: a happy client. By creating unique experiences through art and design, Pixels & Paint aims to make you feel like an integral part of the process. In order to make your vision a reality, the company prides itself on the custom services it provides to every patron no matter the magnitude of the project.

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The Visionary. Live to Create.

Meet the visionary behind Pixels & Paint, Reshonda Perryman, a lifelong creative and experienced professional, dedicated to making your visions come to life.

Reshonda started Pixels & Paint because she recognized the need for people in her community to have a place they can conveniently access for any of their creative needs and to be a part of the process. Her desire to service others never falls short and it has become the launch pad of numerous endeavors, including this company-welcome to Pixels & Paint.

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